There are tons of things to do in the winter; in fact, some sports you can’t even do without snow, however, there are those of us who prefer to spend our snowy time indoors (or at least most of it) or for busy life reasons end up spending more time inside and need a few things to look forward to. I was reminded of this fact while I sat in a plushy Megaplex (our local theater chain) chair and decided to write it down to keep handy. If you’re like us, you’re anxiously awaiting the next action/comedy/intrigue.
Here’s what you should look forward to:
Dr. Strange
We just saw this movie and it is going to be a big hit! Marvel sure does deliver on their expectations. Though lesser known in plot, it still follows the Marvel universe and has a very cute/funny end clip to watch. Go see it now to experience what we’re talking about.
Hacksaw Ridge
For those of you who are history movie fans, this one is for you! It came out this week, so you can technically see it now, but you can also wait a bit –not that you have to for this cold weather most of us are suddenly experiencing. It is about a pacifist/objector who was drafted in WW2. It’s supposed to be based on a true story, so we’re hoping it’s good. We plan on seeing it this weekend, if you’re joining us let us know, or watch the trailerhere.
For all you parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, and babysitters out there this is the movie you will want to see starting this weekend. It is third on our list in terms of watching though all top three listed come out this week/end. With Justin Timberlake how can you go wrong? Sure to be a hit, but we’ll comment on it more after we see it ourselves. Watch the trailerherefor more info.
FANTASTIC BEASTS(this deserved all caps)
Reserve your tickets now, as most places will let you, and get ready for the next Potter installment coming out onNovember 18th! A great flick to go see when you have family over for the holidays or even to sneak away and see yourself. P.S. The trailer just gets better and better. To see it, clickhere.
The Disney debut most people have been waiting for. It comes out onNovember 23rdand is one of the closest movies to Thanksgiving. Hopefully it’s as beautiful and different as the trailer’s make it seem. You can watch ithere.
Rogue One
I know a lot of people have trepidatious anticipation for this movie as it is not technically directed by George Lucas, but by one of his most known followers. Personally, I like most movies so I think it’ll be fine, but you can’t know until you see for yourself. Save your money forDecember 16thor enjoy it as a family closer to the holidays. Watch the most recent trailerhere.
The Space Between Us
Also being released onDecember 16th, and a space thriller at that, is The Space Between Us. This movie looks absolutely darling and stars the kid who played in Ender’s Game. From what we can glean from the trailerhere, it’s about a kid born and stuck on Mars looking to find love and life on earth despite the dangerous health implications it will have for him. I know we’ll be in the midnight seating of this one!
Assassins Creed
I’m assuming only avid video game lovers will want to see this one, yet thetrailerlooks extremely intriguing. You may not know what it is yet, but you can watch what you’ll need to know in the Assassins Creed Trailer. This movie comes outDecember 21st.
And, of course there are the assortment of independent, less publicized movies. If you have one you’d like us to add to our list, leave us a comment in the"travel" pagecomments.