Vision Board

Have you ever heard of a vision board? It’s a newer trend that helps you focus on a particular goal or lifestyle that you want to achieve in the upcoming months or years. The main point is that if you can “visualize” your goals, you’ll be more motivated and more likely to keep on track.

Well, why not do one for travel? I’m sure we all have a bunch of Pinterest boards for places we want to see before it’s too late, but can you name those specific places, towns, hotels, markets, etc.magazines? Now you can! There are so many ways to set one up, but here’s how I did it:

You can choose to either set yours up digitally or physically. We did ours digitally but have added the steps for doing it with hard supplies.

Magazines/papers/pictures etc.
board (this can be cardboard, glass, whiteboard, corkboard, magnetic or the ever go to science boards)

One of my goals from last year was to visit a new country and state a year – since there are so many to see and only so many vacation days. I’ve decided to carry that over and have chosen Canada, Scotland (with friends), and Arizona. I didn’t get time to create a physical board version but here are the steps:

1 – cut out pictures from magazines and other places.

2- make a general organization with the photos

3-glue photos on and re-arrange as needed 

4- leave for about a day to dry completely (unless taping) 

5-post somewhere you’ll love to see it and see it often!

Final Result
Here are some great examples from other creators:

visionboard-0001 board5

These should be put up somewhere you can see it. If you can see it you will be more inspired to act on it rather than simply dream it. Not to mention it’s a great way to wake up or keep you going on a hard day, am I right?

Digital Version
I decided to also do a few digital versions for those of you who are more technology oriented. Being a writer, I like physical copies, papers and the like but that’s not for everyone. So without further ado, here they are:




As you can tell, there are many templates and ways to create specific to your tastes. For these digital versions specifically, I used the website design program called Canva which has free and pay for versions. You simply sign up, choose “photo collage”, and upload your own photos! For those wondering, I found my source material pictures on Unsplash. Unsplash is great because you don’t have to worry about getting permission to use photos and they are completely free! So decide which version you’d like, find some inspiring or destination photos, and get started!

Happy Adventures!
Traveling Foreigners

What are your travel goals and visions? We’d love to see your creations. Please comment with a photo or story about yours below!