If you’re like me, and you’ve been pigging out on the assortment of Halloween treats since they put them out in September, you may be wanting some unsweetened treats for this upcoming holiday. Also, Halloween is on a Monday this year, how lame is it to have a Tuesday sweets hangover? The day after Halloween is the most missed (taken off) day of the year, you know, and some of us can’t be absent on a Tuesday.
So, instead of "turning up" this year, maybe we’ll just scoot on by with some stomach and head friendly delights.
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Shirley Temples
Ok, so this one is on the sweet side, but it satisfies those who feel a need for a drink but still have to show up and pretend to be human the next day. There’s also punch, however I feel that may lead you back down theĀ "I can’t get out of bed" tunnel.
Spiders consist of raisin eyes and pretzel legs. Ultimately, they should look as the name suggests.
Carrot pumpkins
This is a cute one I’ve never seen done before. Essentially you just carve your carrots into pumpkin faces and add them to your salad or other foods.
Witchy guac. dip
This is a super cute idea that is also very simple. Either make or buy guacamole dip and then use carrots, chips, and other veggies to make a Witch’s hat and face. Check the Pinterest board for exact details.
Pumpkin Deviled eggs
Make deviled eggs, add a bit of paprika and a green onion slice for the stem. Voila!
Mummy pizza bites
Two ways of doing this: make them in muffin tins or get the tiny, already partially made mini-pizzas and drape either cheese or like croissant over them to get the effect of a mummy. Olives also make great eyes.
Popcorn, for all those movie buffs
Personally, I like my popcorn lightly salted and buttered but for those die hard fans you can also mix them with white chocolate, caramel, and other candied treats.
Pumpkin Seeds
Simply scoop them out, wash them off, and pop them into the oven! Simple and yummy!
Pumpkin Stuffed Peppers
I’ve seen this one going around for awhile on Facebook now and it is a must see on our Pinterest board! Someone try it and let me know!
and more! See ourNon-Sweet Halloween TreatPinterest board to continue.
Or, of course, if you’d still like to indulge a little, but are looking for some unique treats, see ourUnique Halloween Treat Pinterest board.
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