November is all about giving thanks; thanks to your friends, your religion, your family, and your life. You know those things that seem to go around each year, post something you’re thankful for each day until Thanksgiving? Well, this is similar. But instead of simply taking the time to stop and think about what you’re thankful for (which is great, don’t get me wrong) why not turn that effort and grateful feeling into some action? This year, here at Traveling Foreigners HQ (my living room) we will also be participating in the 27 days of service. This call to action is to inspire, educate, and pay it forward. The two of us have been blessed with so much and it becomes more apparent to me everyday – especially as I sit here with a part-time freelancing job, still able to pay the bills and make my own hours.
While there are many ways you can give service, we’ve listed 27+ to get you started. If you have any you’d like to share with us please refer to our email in ourAbout Uspage or comment on the main"Lifestyle"page at the bottom where the comment box is located.
Remember: stay safe while volunteering and have fun! You never know what experiences you’ll have or what connections you’ll make; It may just change your life forever.
Read to animals at a shelterVolunteer at a soup kitchenParticipate in a youth activity (church, school, or neighborhood)Donate canned goods to a food bankDonate canned goods to an animal shelter or pet storeSet up a food drive for either a food bank or animal facilityClean up a local parkClean up around your neighborhoodMake a care package for a homeless shelterVolunteer at a crisis shelter (such as a woman and children’s shelter)Decorate a nursing homeSpend Thanksgiving with someone who is alone for the holidaysDonate leftovers to a shelter, person in need, or other open organizationBe a foster home for petsMake and give out homeless kits to people you see on the streetClean out old clothes and coats and donate to an organizationPay off a layaway accountStart a "pay it forward" at a drive thruShovel snow for a strangerRake leavesMake a home cooked meal for a neighborMake treats for co workersLeave a large tip for a waitress, food workerEnvelope treats for strangers (gift card in an envelope with a note in a public place)Volunteer at a schoolSurprise a teacher with supplies, treats, etc.Gift basket to a local firehouse or police stationDonate supplies to an animal shelter (toys, bedding)Help someone put up lightsDonate a Christmas tree/lightsSalt neighborhood sidewalksHost a holiday party at an elderly facilityVolunteering at a hospitalGive a co-worker a rideBuy a stranger lunchVolunteer and train for a suicide hotline (holidays see the worst rates)Volunteer as a Big Brother/SisterCall, Face Time, visit a grandparent (a faraway one would love this)Make blankets for sheltersVolunteer at a library, perhaps a reading programWhile this is more of a December idea: get a "Santa" letter to respond toSend a care package to a service member (try to find a specific person to send to)Tutor struggling student(s) for freeRun/Walk/Donate to Relay For Life and/or Race for the CureBuy/Give out new toys at a local hospital
P.S. The term "service" is used loosely. It can be volunteering or simply doing a kind act for another person. Just get out there and give a little something back. 😀
Stay tuned for updates about our days of service if you’re interested in seeing how our journey went.