Christmas is the time for giving, so why does giving have to be so difficult to figure out? It doesn’t (Hooray!) If you have a traveler on your list, check out some of these awesome products and rejoice because apart from buying, this will be the easiest part of the holidays. For EVEN MORE ideas, see ourPinterest Travel Gift Board here.

Gifts for the Travel Reader
Kindle/Nook- Obviously one of the easiest gifts if you go to a Best Buy or B&N as everything the E-reader will need is all in one location. If you’re considering getting one of these check for holiday promos which can drop the price by $20 – $100 depending on the model. Also, for traveling purposes make sure you get a cover (or a gift card for one.)

about a dude saving money and, well, traveling the world.

Travel Guides- Is your friend dying to go to England? Get him/her a travel guide likeLondon Top 10 by Eyewitness. The wanderlust will be strong but who knows, maybe they’ll read something that will help them on their trip (whenever they go.)

For The Hiker
– How cool is it that we can make these types of things now? Click on the underlined portion to go to their website.
Solar Charger– You can find tons of these on amazon, but Pinterest also has a surprising selection. These are great for being on the go and in emergencies.
Life Straw- You never know when you can be stranded or hurt while out hiking. Or even away from water. Life straw will at least protect them from becoming dehydrated as long as there is some sort of water source. See the websiteherefor specifics.
Hydration Packs- You’ve probably seen them around, the backpack/water bottle thing that is truly timeless gift wise. Check them outhere.

For Kids
Travel Games- Amazon has a plethora of these ranging from travel bingo to word searches. Find some ideashere.
Educational books- Get them involved in learning while outdoors! It doesn’t matter if you get them bird watching or how to make a fire, get them excited. Check some cool ones outhere.
S’mores Kit- Because, honestly, who doesn’t love s’mores?! Get your food fix on at this linkhere.
Bug Catching Kit- Who doesn’t love to learn about bugs and animals as a kid? Just make sure they’re supervised. Check out some bug kitshere.

For the Entire Family
Scratch Off Map- These have been gaining a lot of popularity lately and are super easy to find at B&N, Amazon, and even on Pinterest. Check it outhere.
Sport/Outdoor Basket- Grab a travel duffel bag and fill it with power bars, water bottles, and other travel knick-knacks. Coolest idea ever, find it on ourPinterest page here.
Backpacking Stove- If you backpack or camp a lot this compact cooking stove is a must!

For the Older Traveler
Walking sticks- whether actual stick or hiking pole, these are sure to be a hit. Find a fewhere.
Hiking Sandals- The right shoes, at the right time of year, are invaluable. Search Amazon’s large selectionhere.
Educational books- I’m sure you know a nutty bird watcher or an avid plant collector, so why not get them a nice book? B&N is your friend.

For Your Pet Companion
Puppy Booties- Winter and summertime can be killer on a dogs feet. Make sure you’re protecting them like you protect yourself. Be prepared to see some cute oneshere.
Winter Jacket- Some dogs get colder than others and you have to admit they’re pretty cute! Find somehere.
Pop up bowl- You can find these at any pet store or online, but they are compact pet bowls so you don’t have to worry about a mess or your dog being dehydrated. See what they’re all abouthere.

Stocking Stuffers
iKeep keychain charger- Google this. You won’t be disappointed. Or buy from QVChere.
Emergency Rescue Ballon- Better than flares, more pocket sized too! Find ithere.
Waterproof camera and phone cases- So easy to find on amazon, but buyer beware how sturdy the cheaper ones are. For all types of cameras, lookhere.
Mini/DIY emergency or first-aid kits- You can make it yourself or buy a small one in any pharmacy and are perfect for avid travelers!
Emergency matches- They make some that are water and windproof, just check out ourpinterest board(click) and see for yourself!
Flashlight/knife- for any and all needs while out and about
Whistle- For emergency or fun and usually fits in a typical camping/hiking kit
Compass- A very underrated travel gift, you can get some pretty amazing and versatile ones out there if you know where to look.
Passport Holder/Travel Wallet- Mochi Things and Amazon have some fantastic versions and I assure you, are a must for any avid traveler.

Funny/Out There
Good Wipes -brand wipes for the avid camper to wash without needing a shower. Find them on their websitehere.
Equalizer- It may seem silly, but this thing is amazing for all females struggling with concept of camping with no modern toilets.Here’s a popular one called GoGirlyou can buy.
Take A Hike- and other funny camping, outdoorsy shirts. Find them on any shirt site.
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